Mother’s Day Specials and Gift Ideas + Coupon Codes

Last minute coupon codes for mom, in memory of mom, or just for you! Check them all out on my Gear & Print Specials page. Here are my top 5 favorite products:



These are 2″ and you get 4 of them. They are small enough for you to simply link your Facebook or Instagram account with your Shutterfly account and print your latest favorite pictures – the resolution works out. I have these all over my fridge.

Collage Gift Wrap


The collage gift wrap is amazing. I collect photos of my friends from the year and use them on this for wrapping White Elephant gifts.



We have these all over work with our products and brands on them but my friend also puts her travel landscapes on hers and they are gorgeous. You can leave out the “name” field if you don’t want to personalize it. They have a kind of burlap feel to them (but not too scratchy).

Upload Your Own Design Desktop Plaque


There are a bunch of pre-made designs with quotes and decorations on them but I like to upload my own files and use these as party signs for foods (like listing ingredients) and for events. The print quality on them is good enough for photos, too (the finish is glossy). The big convenience with these is that you have a photo and a frame in 1 go.

Colorful Chores 12×18 Dry Erase Decal


I had this on my white board at work for awhile. I just put camera pictures in the squares and personalized the title and chores list. It peels off without damage but isn’t reusable (peeling it off the wall stretches the item too much) so either buy more than 1 or hang carefully!

Don’t forget that some of this stuff is on sale! Save that page and check  back every few weeks for new sales.


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