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Canon EOS RP vs EOS R – Which is Right for You?

New Rentals: Best Portable Lighting for Photography and Video

The Top 10 New Video and Photo Gear Releases of 2018

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Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse Photography Guide and Best Gear

Photograph the Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, 2018


In a week there will be a very rare and long-awaited celestial event: a supermoon and lunar eclipse combo. On this night, the sun, Earth and moon will align and provide us with a stunning deep red moon – a blood moon! Continue reading

Eclipse Shooting & Sales

Ritz Camera is having a sale on select telescope models in time for the eclipse next week. Check them out here:

Meade Instruments Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST) for $699

Meade Instruments ETX80 Observer 80mm f/5 Achromat Refractor Telescope for $349

Meade Instruments EclipseView 114mm Reflecting Telescope for $189.99

Meade Instruments EclipseView 76mm Reflecting Telescope for $129.99

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I have written a thorough guide to shooting the eclipse with the help of Hudson Henry (he did all the heavy lifting). I had his video captioned so that you can watch in a quiet environment if needed.

The eclipse is impacting my hometown of Brownsville, Oregon, which is also having their Country Music Festival the same weekend. Please be kind and patient with the locals.

Here are a few of my other favorite sky/outdoor photography tutorials:

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Gravity Backdrops Review

Good backdrops at an affordable price are difficult to find. I’ve been painting my own for a couple of years now with mostly success but the drops I paint are small (around 4 x 6’) and sometimes aren’t even that affordable depending on the paint I use and the trial and error of using it on different canvases.


Backdrops I have painted for my portraits. © Alexandria Huff

I decided it was time to purchase some drops and there are some amazing companies out there that are just out of reach for me. I happened on Gravity Backdrops and they seemed affordable and in the style I like. So I bought a few and here was my experience. Continue reading

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Dreamy Great Gatsby in French Photo Magazine

Portraits de type Gatsby! My continuous lighting Great Gatsby-themed tutorial is in the French version of Digital Photo magazine. Learn how to use LEDs and bring the outdoors inside with How To Create Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits.


Get Your Best Shot of the Season with These 10 Sports Photography Gear Tips

Gear never matters more than when you’re out shooting sports. It is one of the most difficult things to capture well and takes years of practice. Whether you’re aiming high or just want better after-school action candids, here are 10 home run gear tips to kick off the sunny season. These are aimed for beginners but are great reminders for seasoned pros. …Read the rest on BorrowLenses.


Mother’s Day Specials and Gift Ideas + Coupon Codes

Last minute coupon codes for mom, in memory of mom, or just for you! Check them all out on my Gear & Print Specials page. Here are my top 5 favorite products: Continue reading

Studio Lighting Tutorials List

The following is a list of my lighting tutorials all in 1 easy spot for quick referencing later. Feel free to suggest topics in the comments for future tutorials!

• How To Mix Natural And Flash Lighting Using Shutter Speeds

• How to Capture Painterly Chiaroscuro Portraits

• Troubleshooting and Taking Your Chiaroscuro Portraits to the Next Level

Reflective Lighting: How To Create A 17th Century-Inspired Vanitas Still Life Photo

• Lighting, Glare, and Shadows When Photographing Interiors

• Glare Aware: Photographing Portraits of People in Glasses

• Easy Lighting Laws to Boost Shooting Performance

• Multiple Flash Firing with Nikon’s Advanced Wireless Lighting System Using Pop-up Flash

• Beginner’s Guide to Achieving Better Flash Photos

Continuous Lighting: How To Create Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits

• How To Create Gritty And Dark Warrior Portraits With LED Lighting