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Dreamy Great Gatsby in French Photo Magazine

Portraits de type Gatsby! My continuous lighting Great Gatsby-themed tutorial is in the French version of Digital Photo magazine. Learn how to use LEDs and bring the outdoors inside with How To Create Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits.


Get Your Best Shot of the Season with These 10 Sports Photography Gear Tips

Gear never matters more than when you’re out shooting sports. It is one of the most difficult things to capture well and takes years of practice. Whether you’re aiming high or just want better after-school action candids, here are 10 home run gear tips to kick off the sunny season. These are aimed for beginners but are great reminders for seasoned pros. …Read the rest on BorrowLenses.


Mother’s Day Specials and Gift Ideas + Coupon Codes

Last minute coupon codes for mom, in memory of mom, or just for you! Check them all out on my Gear & Print Specials page. Here are my top 5 favorite products: Continue reading

Studio Lighting Tutorials List

The following is a list of my lighting tutorials all in 1 easy spot for quick referencing later. Feel free to suggest topics in the comments for future tutorials!

• How To Mix Natural And Flash Lighting Using Shutter Speeds

• How to Capture Painterly Chiaroscuro Portraits

• Troubleshooting and Taking Your Chiaroscuro Portraits to the Next Level

Reflective Lighting: How To Create A 17th Century-Inspired Vanitas Still Life Photo

• Lighting, Glare, and Shadows When Photographing Interiors

• Glare Aware: Photographing Portraits of People in Glasses

• Easy Lighting Laws to Boost Shooting Performance

• Multiple Flash Firing with Nikon’s Advanced Wireless Lighting System Using Pop-up Flash

• Beginner’s Guide to Achieving Better Flash Photos

Continuous Lighting: How To Create Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits

• How To Create Gritty And Dark Warrior Portraits With LED Lighting


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My latest batch of discounts and special are live over on my site, including 50% off photo books, which expires tonight (2/24, 11:59PM).

Need some inspiration? Check out my Create Better Photo Books with 7 Vacation Shooting Tips.


The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Portrait Directing

I am going to share with you some of my duds that preceded my final shots from my personal collection. They will demonstrate to you that A) getting “the one” is a process with a lot of false starts and B) even experienced photographers have to experiment…Read the rest on 500px ISO.


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Every few weeks a new fleet of print and gear specials arrive from a growing list of preferred vendors, like Shutterfly, BorrowLenses, and more.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Teaching Chiaroscuro

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 6.10.26 PMMy portrait of Andrew Munday was used as an example of chiaroscuro in Ann Kullberg’s Colored Pencil Magazine, May 2015 edition.

See a behind-the-scenes tutorial of that exact shoot here.

Andrew Munday is the Director of Operations at DoorDash. He used to dabble in modeling until the successful startup took over all of his free time. 🙂


Portraits With Character: My Portrait of Katherine Cheng in Digital Photo Magazine

My work was recently published in Digital Photo Magazine as part of a larger article on portraits. Katherine Cheng is the model and you can see two other variations of my chiaroscuro portraits of her here and here. This will give you a good idea of how differently one person can look in three portraits taken in one session. Continue reading