Gravity Backdrops Review

Good backdrops at an affordable price are difficult to find. I’ve been painting my own for a couple of years now with mostly success but the drops I paint are small (around 4 x 6’) and sometimes aren’t even that affordable depending on the paint I use and the trial and error of using it on different canvases.


Backdrops I have painted for my portraits. © Alexandria Huff

I decided it was time to purchase some drops and there are some amazing companies out there that are just out of reach for me. I happened on Gravity Backdrops and they seemed affordable and in the style I like. So I bought a few and here was my experience. Continue reading

7 Creative Portrait Challenges to Get You Out of a Creative Rut

Inspiration is fickle but skill blesses those who practice. Here are 7 creative exercises for portrait photographers who need to shoot but are lacking motivation or new ideas. Finishing just 1 of these ideas will help rekindle the flame of a lost muse, which is something every artist goes through. The best part is that you don’t have to have elaborate sets or exotic locations to do any of these 7 portrait challenges…Read the rest on 500px ISO.

New Underwater Housing Units

Small Business Start Up & Tax Tips for Photographers and Videographers

Get a jump start on the impending tax season! If you are considering taking your photography/videography to the next level and becoming a business, you will need to know a few things about taxes. Below is a brief list of things to consider, followed by some links to more in-depth guides…Read the rest on BorrowLenses.


1 Easy Way to Guarantee Your Photography Will Improve

How do you make every day count as a photographer? How do you make every day count for yourself? There is 1 major project that thousands of people start every January 1st that improves their lives and it has nothing to do with going to the gym…Read the rest on BorrowLenses.