Dreamy Great Gatsby in French Photo Magazine

Portraits de type Gatsby! My continuous lighting Great Gatsby-themed tutorial is in the French version of Digital Photo magazine. Learn how to use LEDs and bring the outdoors inside with How To Create Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits.


Studio Lighting Tutorials List

The following is a list of my lighting tutorials all in 1 easy spot for quick referencing later. Feel free to suggest topics in the comments for future tutorials!

• How To Mix Natural And Flash Lighting Using Shutter Speeds

• How to Capture Painterly Chiaroscuro Portraits

• Troubleshooting and Taking Your Chiaroscuro Portraits to the Next Level

Reflective Lighting: How To Create A 17th Century-Inspired Vanitas Still Life Photo

• Lighting, Glare, and Shadows When Photographing Interiors

• Glare Aware: Photographing Portraits of People in Glasses

• Easy Lighting Laws to Boost Shooting Performance

• Multiple Flash Firing with Nikon’s Advanced Wireless Lighting System Using Pop-up Flash

• Beginner’s Guide to Achieving Better Flash Photos

Continuous Lighting: How To Create Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits

• How To Create Gritty And Dark Warrior Portraits With LED Lighting


The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Portrait Directing

I am going to share with you some of my duds that preceded my final shots from my personal collection. They will demonstrate to you that A) getting “the one” is a process with a lot of false starts and B) even experienced photographers have to experiment…Read the rest on 500px ISO.


7 Creative Portrait Challenges to Get You Out of a Creative Rut

Inspiration is fickle but skill blesses those who practice. Here are 7 creative exercises for portrait photographers who need to shoot but are lacking motivation or new ideas. Finishing just 1 of these ideas will help rekindle the flame of a lost muse, which is something every artist goes through. The best part is that you don’t have to have elaborate sets or exotic locations to do any of these 7 portrait challenges…Read the rest on 500px ISO.

New Underwater Housing Units

Photography/Creative Studios for Rent – Going Fast

I work out of a secure and centrally-located studio in San Francisco’s Design District as part of a collective of artist and developer stalls called Code and Canvas. We are a stone’s throw away from Creative Live, Left Space Studios, KQED, Anchor Steam Brewery, and on the map for SF Open Studios.

A very exciting development is taking place in our building: over 14,500 square feet is opening up for technical creatives including engineering designers, graphic designers, digital photographers, architects, potters, print makers, 3D printers, jewelry makers, clothing designers, and more! Affordable work space for creatives is very hard to come by in San Francisco. See the details below about the space and who to contact for more info. Continue reading

Small Business Start Up & Tax Tips for Photographers and Videographers

Get a jump start on the impending tax season! If you are considering taking your photography/videography to the next level and becoming a business, you will need to know a few things about taxes. Below is a brief list of things to consider, followed by some links to more in-depth guides…Read the rest on BorrowLenses.


Theft is Not a Compliment: Why Companies Steal Photos and How to Stop It

Image theft is rampant and the temptation to steal is high. I am on both sides of this fence. At my day job in marketing, I want a perfect image to go with my copy at the ready, all the time. It’s just a Google image search away! However, I am also a photographer who makes a quarter of her yearly income from art and the thought of some other impatient desk jockey eyeing my work for use with no intension of asking me first makes my skin crawl.

There are tricks companies play to get you to either give them what they want or to stop being mad at them for already taking it: Continue reading

Bouncing Off the Walls: Lighting, Glare, and Shadows When Photographing Interiors

Photographing the inside of a room is tricky because there are a lot of reflective surfaces and lots of little objects everywhere to create shadows. Rooms are usually too dark to depend on natural light alone so I am going to show you one major trick that will build your confidence while shooting flash indoors, whether you hope to shoot interiors exclusively or if you’re simply shooting your own home for a listing…Read the rest on SmugMug.


A Day In The Life Of Freelance Portrait Photographer Alexandria Huff

How many can say their day job matches their passion in life? You can count San Francisco-based freelance photographer Alexandria Huff—or Alex—as one of these lucky people. By day, she works at a cool e-commerce camera gear startup,BorrowLenses.com. Outside office hours, she’s also a freelance portrait photographer, lighting workshop educator, and a 500px ISO writer…Read the rest on 500 ISO.


9 Creative Photo Ideas to Try in July

Alexandria Huff’s Dreamy Gatsby tutorial makes it into Digital Camera World’s online and print selection for July 2014 tutorials…Read the rest on Digital Camera World.