How To Create Gritty And Dark Warrior Portraits With LED Lighting

My portraits aspire to be like tronies, or characters that are not identifiable but seem like they could be in a story. I created a small cast of warrior closeups in collaboration with other people, so that I could practice communicating my vision to other people who may have a different idea for my subject…Read the rest on 500 ISO.


The Art of Copy Work: Photographing Artwork Accurately Without Glare

Copy work, or a copy job, is when the photographer is reproducing a piece of artwork such as paintings, illustrations, and antique photographs. The conditions under which you have to shoot some of these things can be tough (stuck on walls in small rooms, leaning against something and under fluorescents, etc) but knowing the most basic copy work setup and remembering your family of angles will get you out of most glare binds….Read the rest on SmugMug.


I’m Not a Trained Poodle: Dodging the Role of Photographer without Confrontation

To describe the folk singing title character in Inside Llewyn Davis as downbeat is to put it kindly but for all of his sourness there is one scene where I could not help but smile wearily at in solidarity with one of his (many) tantrums.

It is not much of a spoiler to say that, in the scene, he is asked to play a song at dinner to which he says, “I’m not a trained poodle”, begrudgingly plays the song, and then is set off by the relative merriment of the occasion. “I do this for a living, you know?” And, to the professor next to him, “I don’t ask you over for dinner and then suggest you give us a lecture on the peoples of Mesa-America…”.

If you’re the “resident photographer” of your social circle, odds are you have been handed a camera, perhaps rather abruptly, and put to work capturing a party or family event. For a lot of photographers, especially hobbyists, this is a welcomed opportunity. For others, it’s an exhausting reminder that we’re often defined by what we “do” and that creative work isn’t viewed in quite the same way as other kinds of jobs. Continue reading

Glare Aware: Photographing Portraits of People in Glasses

Photographers who are new to lighting will sometimes panic when faced with photographing someone in glasses. Sometimes even seasoned photographers will make more adjustments than necessary to avoid a dreaded reflection. Here are a couple of lighting laws that are easy to remember and will increase your confidence when taking portraits of people wearing eyeglasses…Read the rest on SmugMug.


The Photograph I Wish I Had: Why Maternity Photography Matters

My studio is currently being remodeled and a few of us from our artist cooperative took a break from working and, over dinner, ended up on the subject of maternity photography. One of us wondered what kids will think when they are older about seeing their mothers’ old maternity portraits.

I realized that I don’t have a single portrait of my mother pregnant. The very few pictures that do exist are simply candids – nothing a professional shot. Even if stylistically dated, it would’ve been nice to have a professionally taken photograph of my mother pregnant with me. Continue reading

Alexandria Huff Recommended on Kelby TV

In episode 15, RC explains the often overlooked feature of flash zoom settings and gives a shout out to photographer Alexandria Huff. Matt interviews special guest Tamara Lackey as she gives tips on interacting with children when you take pictures. Joel Grimes explains a trick to adding megapixel resolution to your photos.


Improving Your Chiaroscuro Portraits

There are lighting patterns that tend to be universally flattering, such as Rembrandt, Loop, and Butterfly lighting, but you can’t depend on positioning alone for every portrait. For every rule, there are exceptions…Read the rest on 500px.


10 Best Photo Tutorials of 2013

Alexandria Huff makes 2 of the top 10 blog posts for 500px in 2013.

“We have chosen the tutorials to this top ten list based on your views and comments. Please enjoy the recap of what we have learned in 2013 and stay tuned for many more tutorials shared this year on our blog…” Read the rest on 500px.


Halloween Still Life 17th Century Style Vanitas

In celebration of the fall season, I have created a still life in the tradition of a Dutch Vanitas. Vanitas, or “vanity”, paintings incorporate macabre motifs to symbolize the transient nature of life. Some of the symbols are obvious, such as skulls, watches, and hourglasses. Other symbols, all representing the shortness of life in some way, include rotting fruit, flowers in various states of robustness and decay, seashells, sea food, bubbles, smoke, books, instruments, small game, butterflies, and wine…Read the rest on 500px.


Dreamy Great Gatsby Portraits

As a fan of both the book and the original Francis Ford Coppola written film, I wanted to create my own personal Great Gatsby cast of characters through my photography. In this tutorial, I am going to show you my process for creating Gatsby-esque portraits. I limited myself to a small indoor space to demonstrate that you can create a sun kissed, garden-like atmosphere even when you do not have access to that environment. It would also make for a fun photo booth set at a wedding…Read the rest on 500px.